We hold two worship services with an average attendance of 45 people. In the beginning we held services for two people on the pit wall or in the timing and scoring building.

Through a continued presence we will provide worship opportunities for those who don�t currently have a church home and for those away from their church. One service will be a traditional service and the other a more contemporary style of service. Saturday evening will be a bible study for anyone interested in attending.
Pit 1

This is our 20X30 Ft. Tarp and Chairs before a service in 1999 at Sebring Raceway.

Children singing for the service at Candlelighters event 10/2001 Lead by Mary Boutelle with Stephen doing a children's service before starting the regular service.  Our repainted Chapel in Back.

    We are in the process of converting my racecar trailer into a chapel, in order to hold services in bad weather and to hold VBS (Vacation Bible School) activities for the children at the track.  This will be equipped with a TV & VCR to show Christian movies in an air conditioned location for the kids when their parents are on the track, or working on the cars and want their children in a safe area.

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    Here you see a photo of the existing trailer and below a picture of the rig that we are praising God for.  This is our number #1 need.  With this set up we could perform the children�s functions inside and counseling services in the truck .

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We provide counseling at the track and away

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We have done Weddings

We have done Funerals


When You Can't Get To Church, We Bring Church To You!

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